With Expon I Fund’s first company — Spire Global — going public earlier this week and raising $265m, our portfolio companies have raised over $1.1 billion this year, showing a fantastic exponential portfolio balance, and great outlook for the fund’s overall performance !

August 2021 — Spire Global $265m — IPO

August 2021 — Refurbed $54m — Series B

April 2021 — Spire Global $70m — pre-IPO


April 2021 — Ocus $24m — Series B

April 2021 — Dott $85m — Series B


April 2021 — Glovo $528m — Series F


March 2021 — WeFarm $11m —…

Salonkee co-foudners. Credit: company

Recent news from the Digital Tech Fund, managed by Expon Capital.

Salonkee offers a SaaS solution and marketplace for small enterprises in health and wellness that helps manage their business. The platform covers daily operations like scheduling, inventory management, reminders and marketing.

Other tools for business owners still doesn’t click with the health and wellness industry. Most companies still end up scheduling by hand and transacting offline. So what’s the point?

Salonkee fixes these problems, keeping users engaged without hidden fees and without the hassle. …

Photo by Joel Rohland on Unsplash

Expon Capital is excited to participate in a €54m Series B to support Refurbed, the premier refurbishment platform enabling the world’s circular economy to scale together. The team started Refurbed after seeing from the inside that behemoth marketplaces and consumer electronics makers could never make refurbishment a priority over the top line growth of new products. In three short years, they’ve dominated the DACH region and launched in 12 countries across Europe.

An estimated 95% of a cell phone’s lifetime carbon emissions and all its material waste occur during manufacturing, so closing the loop has a meaningful positive impact. The…

Image credit : Hydrosat

Expon Capital and the Digital Tech Fund invested in Hydrosat to help the uniquely experienced SpaceTech team support agriculture forestry, financial, and defense industries through data. They specialize in high-resolution, high-frequency, direct measurements of moisture, and already developed leading yield management predictions before even launching their first satellites.

The problem today is that plant health measurements across industries are limited to proxies that do not directly measure moisture on a daily basis. Hydrosat plans to launch a highly efficient constellation of cube satellites to gather first-of-its-kind visual & infrared-based data to strengthen their existing models. …

London-based fintech company, Accelex, is developing a next-generation data acquisition and benchmarking toolset tailor-made for the booming alternative asset management industry. A growing market has also meant growing pressure for better data in these notoriously opaque and illiquid markets.

Their approach is set to become the biggest step in the industry since scraping public filings a la Pitchbook became popular 20 years ago. Accelex aims to finally bring to private markets, the quality of data analytics and benchmarking available to the public markets.

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Spire Global closed a $70m pre-IPO round ahead of its planned public listing as SPIR on the NYSE later this year.

CEO Peter Platzer is building the world’s leading weather data company supporting Net Zero goals and Climate Change adaption. Current funding will go to expand its data-first business model serving best-in-class data across maritime, aviation, and weather customers.

Expon Capital has been proud to participate over the last two fundraising rounds.

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Credit: Ocus website

Ocus offers tailor-made software and a marketplace of opportunities to empower photographers and creatives to focus on their craft. The platform helps users pick and manage opportunities with a variety of corporate, tech, and media companies, and includes powerful software to support post-production and editing. The marketplace allows companies of all shapes and sizes to access a global pool of highly-talented individuals without requiring media specialization. The company just raised another $24m round to fuel its growth and continue linking one-of-a-kind talent with assignments across the world.

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Image credit: dott

Dott solidified itself as one of Europe’s leading e-mobility companies with tenders in Paris, London, Brussels, Rome, and Milan, and a first-of-its-kind e-bike launch in London. The company has now closed an $85m round to continue its meticulous and uniquely profitable expansion. Dott uses professionalized distribution and maintenance systems and works with urban authorities (instead of against them) to serve some of the world’s most exacting urban environments. Expon Capital has participated in its financing since Series A.

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Image credits: Dott

After winning London’s e-bike tender late last year, Dott immediately followed up by winning an e-scooter trial tender in the city, both deploying this spring. The company now strategically serves 12 top cities including London, Paris, Milan, Rome, and Brussels, is targeting certificated carbon neutrality, and most units are charged by renewables (with Guarantees of Origin). The company helps citizens maintain social distance while commuting in some of the world’s most exacting urban environments with some of the most (rightfully!) demanding civil authorities.

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